Saturday, September 29, 2012

Confessions of a Concealaholic

One day you thought you found the best concealer, the next day you'd go online and check out beauty blogs and makeup alley and compare concealer reviews.

I've been on a hunt for concealers for my under- eye area. I tried MAC, remembering the song 'UNPRETTY' which has this line "you can buy all the make up that MAC can make," thus leading me to think when I was young that it's the best make- up brand ever and that as soon as I am able to buy things on my own, I'd buy myself MAC.

I tried MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC30, none of the sales staff in Trinoma was helpful. I asked questions and they just simply nodded, never talking smart about the product they sell. I'd say this is not for under- eyes. It has a thick consistency, almost dry and you need to warm it up through your fingers for it to somehow liquefy.  It creases like hell so you need to use it on top of other products like primer or another concealer. It' perfect for pimples though, you just simply get a few amount of (oh yeah, it's too pigmented a jar may last you a year or more) it through your finger then dot it on the pimples or other areas and it it'd work miracles. This is not a bad product after all but it's not meant for under eyes. I found out later on that concealer jars are not really meant for the under- eye area because of their thickness, liquid concealers work best.

A week after I rushed to the mall and find an alternative, or something I can use in combination with MAC. I got Maybelline's Angel Fit concealer in light. The two work well together- the Maybelline is pigmented as well (not as much as MAC of course) yet since it's liquid, it helped counter- act the drying effect of MAC. The light color is too light even if you have Kris Aquino's complexion, and on it's own it looks grayish than light brown so you really have to choose the right color. I got the light one and when used on it's own, I look like a Panda with white under eyes, but when used with something like MAC which has the yellow/ olive feel, it's good enough. I am not crazy for this one but taking price into consideration, it's not that bad. I give it 3.5/ 5 and may use it on "not so special occasions."

After months of searching I heard about Milani's HD Concealer, and how it compares to YSL's Touch Eclat for 80% off the price. We don't have it in the Philippines so what I asked a friend a favor to buy me three of it. it's being sold for $8 a piece (men the shipping cost more than the item as it had to be shipped from US to Canada then Canada to Philippines). I loved the consistency, it's not at all drying yet not too thin and it looks natural. It would not conceal the under- eye area 100% but merely minimize how obvious eye bags are but so far it's the best one I have tried. It has its built- in brush and it's a click- pen concealer. This is the type which would make people not notice that you have a concealer, not unlike MAC and the others which makes the under- eye area look so puffy. I am giving it 4.5/ 5. 

Then I've got Revlon from my aunt and now I'm torn between liking it more or liking Milani more. This is way better than MAC, does not crease and is very pigmented. I'd put it on the morning and it'll last me whole day. I'd switch from using this and Milani, I lost my MAC and I never cared buying another one. This would only cost 600 pesos yet it's consistency and lasting effect is way better than those make- up brands which cost a fortune. This is the best drugstore brand, period. It's another 4.5/ 5 for me. 

I find it easier to use my fingers when using this than using a concealer brush. You have to be careful pinching it though as it should be done lightly or else the content may spill. My sister's got a light complexion like Lucy Torres but just like Maybelinne, the Medium shall be selected for those who are fair- skinned. 

I heard a lot about Physician's Formula and the liquid concealer that mos bloggers recommend is not available in the Philippines and I've got no other friend abroad who I can bug so I got this sampler from Sure, it's authentic but there's really nothing to like about it. It's like a yellow chalk, too thick, too obvious when you put it on, it's really just an epic fail.

Just recently I got a hand- me down concealer from my sister and it's the Revlon PhotoReady concealer. It's a heavy coverage concealer just like MAC Studio Finish. It would have been great had I not known about liquid concealers, thus I'd still go for the Revlon Age Defying Liquid Concealer, both has SPF which is good but liquid concealers are more natural- looking so I'd still go for Milani and Revlon.

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A picture taken in Ilocos with my Milani on, this may be a blurred picture yet imagine me without anything on-- dark under eye area with purplish veins.

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Me with my Revlon Age Defying concealer on.